Nadine Jeremias

General Manager/Chef

Nadine Jeremias, Cooking and Bakery Professional Trainer, has been, for the past few years, linked with professional education.
Before that, she was responsable for food and beverages in a Hotel, doing a bit of everything in the hotel trade.
Passionate with the Portuguese traditional cooking, join together with another Portuguese Gastronomy passionate, Eduardo Martins, and together start an adventurous journey at Quinta da Marchanta as Chef and Sous-Chef.
We go from the famous Bread Mash with fried Shad, fished in our Tejo river, to the Calf Chop from our Lezíria, ending with a very tipical Sweet Rice. There is only one promisse: here you will find the real taste of Ribatejo!


Eduardo Martins


Entered to the hotel sector as a bartender from a young age, has been always attracted to the the kitchen. Traditional cuisine lover, revealed his talent during this last year at his local restaurant.
He’s the right hand of Nadine at the Quinta da Marchanta Restaurant.





Stall Keeper

Justinho is the “nestor” of the Quinta da Marchanta. Turning 72 this year and living and working here for almost 25 years he knows his way around everything in this place – Like where every single fuse, water tap, gas supply hose and manhole cover leads to.
Besides being the “all around” practical guy at the Quinta, Justinho is also a quite succesful pig breeder and a decent wine farmer (Don’t mention these activities to the official tax authorities, though!