Discover Ribatejo

Established right next to the bank of the Tagus (Tejo) River, just 70 kilometres north of Lisbon, the 2016 newly renovated “Quinta da Marchanta” is now a hotel and active holiday luxury resort, created from an old winery and horse breeding and training center.
Back in 1877, when it was built, the Ribatejo area was known as a typical area of farmers and fishermans, and you can still find that cultural richness here right next to the river, where the people, the cattle and the Lusitano horses have lived together for centuries.









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(+351) 966 628 313

Homeland of the Lusitano horses

We are right in the middle of the homeland of the Lusitano horses, a typical, well-tempered and multi-talented portuguese breed horse, and the Lusitanos still play a crucial role at the farm.
At Quinta da Marchanta you can have intensive dressage riding lessons with experienced and high level trainers onboard our well behaving, well-educated horses, or you can just go on a guided nature hike along the Tejo River on horseback.
We also have a couple of warmbloods, who have “emigrated” all the way from Denmark to complete the experience we are offering you.

Staying with us

We have at the Marchanta 3 fully equipped guest apartments, all with own kitchen and bathroom/TV and room for 4-6 sleepovers in each. We have also four quite exclusive double rooms, all of these also with own bathroom/TV. Our guests are invited to feel free to relax during daytime in our swimming pool area, and at night time in our bar lounge, equipped with satellite TV, pool table and a fireplace for those nights that ask for a glass of wine and a nice talk. Acces to wireless WiFi is of course available all over the quinta.


Local Weather & Time

11:22 AM

Great wines and tasty food!

Our indoor restaurant holds up to 50 guests, and our Portuguese kitchen chef takes great pride in preparing and serving you the best meals with base in all the local products, from locally, organic grown vegetables and herbs, to freshly caught fish from the Tejo River.
For larger events with up to around 100 guests, we have an open, roof-covered area for barbecue party evenings with good food from the grill and tasting of the local wines, accompanied by traditional Portuguese folk music and live horse shows in our newly established outdoor arena.


At Quinta da Marchanta we are always looking for the most fun and attractive events. Besides our own events, we invite our guests to visit the surrounding fairs and celebrations.

Riding Holydays

Have a look at our Holydays Offers! We offer you riding classes holydays with all inclusive, full room and board!